Billy Raney Guitar Lessons

Billy Raney Guitar Lessons

                                        Billy Raney Guitar Lessons 

    Billy Raney Guitar Lessons

    Policy, Pricing, Group Classes, and Holiday Specials

    Private Lessons Monthly Fee:

    • Half-hour sessions – $150 per month
    • Hour sessions – $300 per month (Lesson fees remain the same for 3, 4, or 5 week months)

    Single Private Lesson: 

    • Half-hour sessions – $40
    • Hour sessions – $80

    Holiday Special! Gift Certificates are available in the Fall (October – December) of each year. Gift Certificates are valid exclusively for new students.

    • 12-Week Program – $350 best deal, save $100 (includes intro booklet)
    • 8-Week Program – $250, save $50 (includes intro booklet)
    • 4-Week Program – $125, save $25 – perfect as a holiday gift

    Jam Class

    Guitar Lesson Policy 

    Billing cycle:

    Full payment is due preferably the week prior to the new month of lessons, and please, no later than the 10th.

    Payments are considered late after the 10th. Please note, a fee of $15 will be added for payments received after the 10th. The monthly payment secures a recurring weekly lesson appointment. 

    Lesson Fees remain the same for 3, 4, or 5 week months

    Some policy detailsThe total of lessons each student will receive over the course of a year is 48. Seven or Eight months out of a year have a total of Four weeks in them.  Four of the Twelve months will have Five lessons. Certain months, which have holiday breaks, will have only Three out of Four lessons; spring break, summer break, Fall break, and Winter Break. Those months will still be the same flat rate.

    Any missed lessons by a student can be rescheduled to a mutually agreed day and time. Any lessons missed by the instructor will be either, Made up at a mutually agreed day and time, or it can be made up by prorating the next month’s payment accordingly.. If the Make Up lesson is missed by the student, that lesson is forfeited.

    Please Note: If there are two consecutive absences without notification or payment the student will be dropped.

    Vacation or extended illness:

    If the student is going to be absent for two or more weeks, prior arrangements can be made to reserve the currently scheduled appointment time. 

    Practice time:

    It is expected that the student practices a minimum of 30 minutes every day with rare exceptions. To this end, it is the parents and teacher’s responsibility to reinforce these practice habits and provide a nurturing environment at home and in the teaching studio.

    California, USA

    Online Lessons available internationally via ZOOM, FaceTime, or SKYPE, and more